Friday, 1 May 2015

Life in Robbo...

It's no secret amongst those that know me well that I love taking photos, love going on adventures and love sharing it with others.  I have had a handful of friends suggest over the last couple of years that I should blog more regularly and share my photos and stories of my adventures and life in general.

Well... here goes!!

I'm not really sure what it will look like but I guess half the fun is seeing it unfold.  I am excited about sharing my photos and stories of places I visit in and around home and on adventures a little further afield.  I am loving exploring my new surroundings, going for long drives or little trips on my motorbike as I gain more confidence!  Now I intend to make sure I always have my trusty camera by my side and my notebook.

So if you're interested, you're welcome to come along for the journey :)  I'll post as regularly as time will permit but aim for once a week.  It may be as simple as going to the local markets or heading off road to see where a new and unknown path will take me.  Who knows where we will end up!

Look forward to sharing my next adventure with you... J xx

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