Friday, 15 May 2015

Learning to pray again

Prayer… what is it and how does it work?  You would think that having grown up in the church I would know the answer to this one.  Oh, I could rattle off some theological explanation that may or may not impress but there’s got to be more to it than that. It’s got to be real. It’s got to affect you and it definitely has to change you.

Going through any sort of crisis in life can rattle the foundations you have built your life upon.  We all go through crisis at some stage.  Some bigger than others and some that seem to come all at once just to make sure you're well and truly on your knees and sometimes even laying prostrate on the ground.  Needless to say the last 18 months has well and truly rattled mine in ways I did not see coming.  But this is not about the past, it's about moving forward.

I struggle with prayer, who doesn’t?  But I need prayer, I need it in my life for so many different reasons.  Not just for me but for others too.  I am not at the point yet of having much to give out but if I can pray, something, then I can grow and heal and slowly get back up on my feet again.  
I have made physical changes in my life in moving home but the funniest thing is the baggage goes with you.  Huh!!  Who would have thought ;)  It’s not that I didn’t expect it to I definitely did and I love where I live.  My point is that now I am here, I have stopped running and need to face my spiritual, emotional and physical reality… that I am tired.  I am ok, but I am tired

That’s why I am going back to basics.  Taking off all the baggage and laying it at His feet.  Falling to my knees not physically but in the spiritual sense.  I don’t know how to pray in this season of life but I am going to try.  

I love Max Lucado.  What a wonderful writer he is and what a great place to start in being encouraged by someone who understands the realities of life!!  His book ‘before amen’ is where I am starting.  It is such a simple, beautifully rich read on the basics of prayer as inspired by Jesus.  Where do you start?  “Abba, Father”.  It’s that simple and some days it’s all any of us can muster.  And the beautiful thing is I am learning that that is OK!  

Love Nel  xx

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