Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Letters of the heart

I am writing letters.  Not necessarily to send but to get my thoughts in order and as part of the therapeutic process of healing and forgiving and asking for forgiveness in return (aint that the hard part!)  They are letters that are sendable though… nothing cruel or harsh though I guess that's open to interpretation on the part of the receiver.

I have yet to write a letter to myself.  I hope to be able to share my deepest, darkest hurts and failings in writing to myself.  Not to persecute myself but to bring it into the light so I can heal and let go.  To give it all to God and trust him to do what he needs to do to help me through.  Kinda scary to think about it but also the safest, most loving and non-judgemental place to go.  I have a feeling it will be very liberating and bring about much freedom.

So here's a little excerpt of what I learned in writing one of the letters to loved ones.  I hope it encourages you in some way.

"How differently life turns out to what we ever hoped or imagined it would be.  No matter how protected we are in early life at some point we have to deal with the harsh realities of living in a broken world full of broken people who seem to have the unending ability to hurt each other.  We’re all the same, we just operate out of a different form of brokenness.  I guess it’s whether or not we can find neutral territory and a space within it to connect with one another on a level that forgets about expectations of ourselves and others and our own needs and desires and just concentrates on being together in the moment.  Of loving unconditionally, without judgement and self confessed opinions"


Nel  xx

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